• "Lovingly has exceeded my expectations and beyond... Could not be happier! Lovingly is GREAT to work with. They have made the right changes to grow my sales and online presence. I'm amazed at what they have done for my family. Thank you!"


    Joel Padley, Awesome Flowers Vancouver, WA
  • "With Lovingly, I feel safe and confident because I know there's always an amazing team standing by my side. Thank you for all your continued support. Now I have to go back to work since all these orders won't deliver themselves!"


    Geraldine Peters, Jim Anderson Flowers London, ON
  • "Because every company I've dealt with over the years has over-promised and under-performed, I was skeptical. But if I had known what I know now about Lovingly, I'd have joined years ago. I recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their business."


    Maureen Szczurko, The Flower Stop Worchester, MA
  • "With a long-established name and reputation, Lovingly made sure our website got the exposure it deserved."

    Martine Beausoleil, Fine's Flowers Ottawa, ON
  • "Joining Lovingly is the best business decision I've ever made. Instead of paying the wire service, I invested in myself."

    Corrine Johnstone, The Flower Shop in the Village Delta, BC
  • "The staff is always helpful when we have questions. We are delighted with Lovingly!"

    Susan McKee, Old City Flowers Philadelphia, PA
  • "Lovingly support is great - I never have to wait for calls back."

    Lee Newey, The English Rose Florist Brandon, FL
  • "I definitely need to shout out to everyone at Lovingly - we did awesome for Mother's Day! You all were so amazing and very patient, even though I emailed about 40 times! Thank you all for working so hard over there!"

    Jessalynn Morgan, Roma James Gifts Oshawa, ON
  • "Lovingly's customer service has been great. They offer us the same excellence that our customers expect from us. We now have a whole team working for us and it shows!"

    Jennifer Keast, Regency Wine & Flowers Sudbury, ON
  • "We weren't sure what would happen with Lovingly, but they have been great for us. We signed up both of our shops and our web order volume as well as order value are drastically higher than with our old wire service site."

    Joseph Ventura, Wild Orchid of Westchester Eastchester, NY
  • "Switching from our own in-house website to the Lovingly Store was good decision all around. Our online orders increased, and the time saved is well used on all the other things that need to get done in a small business."

    Don & Angela Phillips, From the Heart Thunder Bay, ON
  • "Lovingly is so easy to use. I find it very helpful that the automatic order notifications have an image of the arrangement, and the product management is simple as well. It’s the easiest system that I’ve ever used!"

    Rick Conley, Oliver Flower Shop Pittsburgh, PA
  • "I love my Lovingly Store - it has increased my web orders exponentially. The average order cost is higher than our old website, too. It is very user-friendly when we need to make changes to it, and I would recommend joining Lovingly to anyone."

    Jeanne Nealer, Jindra Floral Design Cleveland, OH
  • "The Lovingly POS is the easiest, most common-sense system to understand! Collects all the information I need to make good decisions for my business. Thank you Lovingly team for working so hard to make our business successful!"

    Geraldine Peters, Jim Anderson Flowers London, ON
  • "We love the Lovingly POS, especially the SuperTickets - we don't have to manually write out cards and labels, everything we need prints beautifully. Thank you Lovingly for constantly keeping us local florists in mind."

    Taz Kara, Floral Images Guelph, ON
  • "Lovingly POS is my main source of productivity - it has made my day to day operations more efficient! It's very easy to use, very user-friendly. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get away from other POS systems."

    Kambra Bacon, Prosper Blooms Prosper, TX
  • "I've been in the floral industry for over 30 years, and I must say, the Lovingly POS is awesome! It's so simple to use. Once I showed my employees of all ages, they were set to operate the POS. I am so pleased."

    Cynthia Linkenhoker, Cynthia's Fine Flowers Easley Easley, SC
  • "Lovingly SuperTicket paper makes holidays so EASY... Not having to write the cards and envelopes, WOW, it's great! I had to call and say thanks for this - it's just one more way our job has gotten easier with Lovingly!"

    Ann and Paul Morishita, M's Flowers La Habra, CA
  • "Lovingly SuperTicket paper has made us more efficient! I love that it's letter-sized, so it's easy to use in our standard printer. It's also made my business look more professional - our delivery slips and cards are crisp and clean."

    Joel Padley, Awesome Flowers Vancouver, WA
  • "First of all, please thank everyone at Lovingly for a great Valentine's Day, and overall month of February for us. We were a little worried that after dropping the wire services, we might not be that busy. We were actually so busy with orders that our front door was locked to new customers for most of the day."

    Pach Nguon, Flowers By Miss Bertha Minneapolis, MN
  • "We have been working with Lovingly for over a year now, and we are very happy with their service. Our internet sales have increased substantially. We are pleased with the prompt and courteous customer service they offer. The website layout is user friendly and easy to navigate. Thank you to all the staff at Lovingly for your quick responses and hard work!"

    Cathy Clark, Clark's House of Flowers Staten Island, NY
  • "The orders I get from my site have more than tripled since I partnered with Lovingly. The dollar amounts are higher, as well, and I think we have gotten more new customers because of the ease of ordering. I cannot recommend them enough!"

    Robert Timko, A.U. Florist Hackensack, NJ
  • "I would just like you to know that we love our Lovingly site. I only had one request this past holiday, and that was to suspend orders because we just could not keep up! What a wonderful problem! I tell all the shops I talk to that they should use Lovingly. Thank you again."

    Treana Fellows, Fellows Fernlea Flowers St. Thomas, ON
  • "The ease of using Lovingly made Mother's Day a breeze. Florist's Choice offered me the flexibility to generate additional orders as well!"

    Lori Jacobson, Lollypops & Roses Salem, OR
  • "Our customers actually comment to us how easy ordering is on our Lovingly Store! Internet ordering is up big time, and our average order value has skyrocketed. Lovingly has been awesome!"

    Louis Mahony, Jerome Florist Bronx, NY
  • "I came on board with Lovingly right before Valentine's Day and my orders were up considerably. My average order value was also much higher than it was with my wire service site. Lovingly has already done a great job and they just started!"

    Barry Geiger, Midtown Florist Brooklyn, NY
  • "I would highly recommend Lovingly to any flower shop that wants to build their own business instead of making order gatherers look good and making THEIR customers happy."

    Ginger Tomaszewski, Ivy League Flowers and Gifts Southold, NY
  • "I could not be more happy with what Lovingly has done for my business. I can't think of one thing that's negative about Lovingly!"

    Dawn DiBiaso, DiBiaso's Florist Wilmington, DE
  • "Overjoyed with the order volume during Mother's Day is a vast understatement! I can never complain that we aren't busy. I'm telling everyone to join Lovingly!"

    David l. Summers, The Daisy Flowers Conway, SC
  • "Wow, Lovingly knows what they are doing. My staff and I thank you for an amazing Valentine's holiday. We have been doing AdWords for the past three weeks and the increase in order volume is unbelievable. It has worked so well, we are increasing our budget to include other cites we deliver to. Thank you everyone at Lovingly!"

    Duke Nomura, Commerce Flowers City of Commerce, CA
  • "We are enjoying the relationship with Lovingly, they have a wonderful team to support us in our shop. The optimization Lovingly provides is incredible, they connect us to customers so they can find us and buy from us, and that is exactly what we need! More shoppers are buying! No specialty containers to purchase is a plus and we love the flexibility of what is offered on the Lovingly Store and what price we need to sell it at."

    Sandra Ramirez, Moreno Valley Flower Box Moreno Valley, CA
  • "I have been very happy since I moved to Lovingly from my old wire service website. Lovingly has been amazing to work with, and extremely helpful!"

    Patrick Cain, Flower Art, Inc. N. Las Vegas, NV
  • "This spring, I decided to switch my website to Lovingly. What a difference this has made for my business. The website is easy to order from, with lots of new and different arrangements to choose from. The orders when you receive them are easy to read with a great colour picture of what you are creating for your customer. The biggest change for me has been the team behind the website. That's what they are: A team, and they are part of your team that makes your business successful. Your business is important to them, and they strive to assist in any way possible. No question is too crazy for these people! So glad I switched to Lovingly."

    Karen Lethbridge, Cherry Grove Florist Wetaskiwin, AB
  • "Ever since we joined Lovingly, we have been very happy with the results! The Partner Success team is very friendly and always able to help. Since joining we have seen our sales increase substantially, and we would recommend Lovingly any florist wanting to increase their business volume. Our staff and customers alike find this system very easy to use."

    Marie Hender, Grower Direct Moose Jaw Moose Jaw, SK
  • "Lovingly's approach was clear cut and honest. Their success is tied directly to my own. The better my website, the more visible my shop is, the greater the internet presence, the MORE money we both make - it's that simple. I signed up and could not be happier with the progress. The fees are small relative to the huge sums my other providers take each month. When I get a little more secure and work with Lovingly to increase my shop visibility on the internet, then I will be slowly dropping the other services. I welcome the regular cash flow from my Lovingly Store as I don't have a lot of walk-in customers. The internet is going to only become an even greater part of people's lives, and Lovingly has the right business philosophy and knows what to do to put the florist first. It's the perfect symbiotic relationship. With our sincere gratitude and thanks!"

    W. Brian Grisel, The Gilded Lily Springfield, MA
  • "We were approached by Lovingly to try their website instead of the one we had with a wire service. We made the change and are extremely happy we did. The site is easy for us and our customers to use, and online order volume is up. The Lovingly Store is also mobile friendly, so for new young customers it's a breeze to order directly from me. The Partner Success team always answers my calls and emails right away, there have been no extra charges, and everyone's knowledgeable and friendly. I'm glad I made the change."

    Shirley Wrenn, Shirley's Flowers and Sweets Nashua, NH
  • "I want to tell you how my staff and I love working with our Lovingly Store! We love the simple and user-friendly shopping cart, and have had several of our customers tell us that they found our website easy to use. On our old website, customers were having a hard time navigating and using the shopping cart, and I had to do all the work when it came to choosing the product images, pricing, and marketing, and then send it onto our website developer to incorporate onto our website. With all that... who has time to design flowers! I also love the fact that we have our daily sales dropping into our bank account each day, which gives our store a much better cash flow. I am certainly no technology guru, but I can actually change my flower prices - it is so easy to do, and the changes are live immediately - amazing! Whoever designed Lovingly for florists has done an excellent job of helping to take the stress out of an owner's day, when it comes to websites! The Partner Success team at Lovingly is great to work with and so helpful and knowledgable. I highly recommend Lovingly to any florist who is struggling with their own website management and sales!"

    JoAnne Curtis, Grower Direct Red Deer, AB
  • "Our Lovingly Store sales are everything and more! I am extremely impressed. WOW - I mean WOW! I am amazed and beyond belief! Thank you Lovingly for over-delivering! I love the Lovingly POS, too!"

    Phil Medwed, Petal Pusher Florist Simi Valley, CA
  • "I love the idea that I control more of what I do with Lovingly. It has a great admin with recipes, which makes managing the site much easier! The site feels more like "my site." Plus, the Partner Success team is great! "

    Sharon Thompson, R & S Crafts and Florist Pensacola, FL
  • "I'm impressed with seeing so much of my feedback getting put in place and developed. Lovingly is really doing a good job! For example, I had recently provided feedback and a request to include more direction on ingredients for Deluxe and Premium options. I like the fact that you added that tip: Upgrade this recipe with additional stems/items. I like seeing these things get done!"

    Virginia Lax, Bill's Flowers Arrangements Pequannock, NJ
  • "Lovingly has great customer service, and we generated an overwhelming number of orders for Mother's Day! Lovingly makes it easy to do business, and it's so easy to use!""

    Rita Pratt, Marianna's Flower Island Burlington, ON
  • "I have been with Lovingly since 2010, and I have nothing but great things to say about them. They always have new and innovative ideas to increase traffic to my website. I get lots of calls from customers who visit my site, complimenting me on the ease of use and the quality and look of the arrangements. The admin end of the site gives me access to all the information I need, and is very user friendly too. I would recommend Lovingly to anyone!!"

    Shelly Murphy, Loyalist Flowers Kingston, ON
  • "Lovingly keeps getting better and better."

    Todd Koenecke, Capital City Florist Pierre, SD
  • "My Lovingly account is fast and user friendly, so I can look at customer and order information on demand. I always get my automatic print outs with the all the information I need, and I also love that I get to manage the products on the site myself."

    Stacy Schaap, The Flower Mill Sioux Falls, SD
  • "We are all very grateful here since Lovingly stepped into our floral business and allowed us to leave ALL wire services once and for all! Please look into this new and exciting way to get more orders and get paid for what you have done! Inquire about Lovingly, and the rest is a 'no-brainer.' We have no intention of ever going back to any wire services. Thank you, Lovingly!"

    Linda Bianco, Creations From The Heart Mishawaka, IN
  • "I would recommend Lovingly's AdWords program if you would like to see your order volume increase. Time for us to take back our market from order gatherers and this is the way to do it."

    Ray King, Twigs Flower Company Salt Lake City, UT
  • "Lovingly has delivered on what they promised: I am getting a lot more orders then I was before."

    Nicholas Flouskakos, Country Arts In Flowers West Hempstead, NY
  • "Lovingly has been a guardian angel and I'm not sure we could survive with out them. We like the Lovingly system. It is very easy to use and efficient!"

    Steve Hein, E. Stephen Hein Florist Lexington, KY
  • “Everything Lovingly said it could do for my business has been backed up by action.The team is always a delight to deal with. I constantly tell my florist friends that Lovingly is absolutely the cream of the crop.”

    Pamela J. Davis, Always In Bloom Spring, TX